Monday, January 16, 2006


42 People Overboard on Cruise Ships Since 2000

42 persons overboard since 2000. Florida Today, finally someone gets it right How many more must die. And let's not call them disappearances, let's call them deaths unless the cruise lines can prove they are alive.

Maybe we should be boycotting the cruise lines instead of Aruba. Let's find a positive way to prevent these types of tragedies in the future.

Visit for information on Congressional hearings and for a simple solution that you can participate in and
see below for information about a connection between lobbyist for the cruise lines and the Abramoff scandal. How much money changed hands to limit or prevent good security and safety procedures on cruise ships? More cover-ups. How many more must die. And it is not the number of deaths it is the fact that hundreds of crimes are not prosecuted because the cruise lines destroy evidence and contaminate crime scenes. Law enforcement personnel not the cruise lines should be investigating all reports of crime and safety problems on the ships. The cruise lines should not be given the opportunity to cover up for their lack of safety and security actions or for crimes committed by the crew.

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